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(6 day 2 hr ago)
Category: Sins

Life is sucks
Ok. this is my life. I have a father that leave me since i was 8. I have a new father that have violent me and seducted me to be her sextoys. My mom that never be honest to me. I have 2 beloved ex-boyfriend that have been married now. My family is a ... More
(1 week 2 day ago)
Category: Other

I'm lonely
I'm so lonely it hurts.I try to talk to people but they never answer.Is it because I'm too boring? Or do they just not like me? It especially hurts when someone you love doesn't even wanna talk to you.I just feel this hole in my chest that nothing ca... More
(2 week 1 day ago)
Category: Hatred

Ok so, im getting really tired, depressed, and angry. All because of my father. He is neglicting me worrying about his husband. Its like he cares more for his husband and my brothers and sisters more than me! Every time i say hello he doesnt answer. ... More
(2 week 4 day ago)
Category: Other

sometimes it hurts
Im a strong person usually but sometimes the weight of the world just crashes down on me...Im happy and then all of the sudden bam, I wanna kill my self.That happened today all because of one sentence."Im leaving next year". I was crushed. The love o... More
(2 week 6 day ago)
Category: Love

I, am in love with my friend
I am love with my gf i do everything for happiness .from a year but I dint say I was afraid so i could loose her.but I took help of her friend and I made her tell behalf of me she said to her.my gf talks to meas if she don't  know anything she will b... More
(3 week 1 day ago)
Category: Fear

friend forever or no more
i jsut want to cry and i cannot. I don't know what drama is going on in front of me and i just want to die. I don't deserve love neither friends or affection. i am a worthless girl... More
(3 week 2 day ago)
Category: Dreams

My feelings
Sometimes,I feel so shy to show who I am to people...For me,let just be Alone,but...it make me feel worse and sad...So,I try to make other know me,till one day....I have a spirit that make me to be confident...
And now...I am confident to people....... More
(1 month ago)
Category: Other

Well where do I start...,
I am hopeless, I had a girlfriend she left me for 4 other guys just try and get back together. I am depressed, my father has terminal cancer although he is just holding onto his sanity.
my nan mentally insane after losing ... More
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